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Batyline® : the original one 7 good reasons for favouring brands, which have chosen Batyline®… Perfect Aesthetics

Technology based on the weaving of extrusion-sheathed threads guaranteeing fabric regularity allows Batyline® to cover and adorn with elegance in a variety of surroundings. Its wide range of colours, patterns and materials allow its integration into every style, from the most classic to the most contemporary… Unparalleled stability

Batyline® does not deform or create pockets: Précontraint® Ferrari® technology, basis of a unique process, ensures the fabric’s outstanding dimensional stability. Remarkable deterioration resistance

Batyline® also makes all the difference with its time-proven technical advantages:

exceptional tear strength, excellent UV radiation resistance, mould resistance, remarkable robustness…

Full safety guarantees

Batyline® bears the Öko-Tex fabric Confidence label, guarantees optimum, user safety in relation to human health. Eco-design and 100 % recyclable

Batyline® fabrics are eco-designed, ensuring optimum usage of resources and favouring safety, environmental impact reduction and incorporation of renewable raw materials. A quality and certification approach

Batyline® fabrics are produced by the Ferrari® Group, an ISO 14001-certified French manufacturer, whose commitment in terms of quality and the environment is unequivocally confirmed by an annual investment on turnover of more than 1% for the last 10 years.




Open Air Lifestyles LLC is proud to offer you an array of fabrics. Batyline is the premier outdoor Sling fabric and comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

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