Benefits Of Viro And Rehau Fibers

WOVEN MATERIALS Open Air Lifestyles, LLC offers the entire range of world renowned Viro™ and Rehau Raucord® Fibers. Viro™ and Rehau® are superior quality, high density polyethylenebased,yet extremely natural looking fibers, a commonly recycled plastic made without heavy-metal plasticizers that is free of the toxic residue associated with other plastics. Viro™ and Rehau® fibers are non-toxic and can be 100% recycled, even when burned, no toxic substances are generated. The unique process used to create these synthetic materials ensures a fiber that is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof, and resistant to extreme temperature variations. Viro™ and Rehau® are extremely durable, as evidenced by its UV- and weather-resistance. Viro™ Fiber is also one of the few International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved fibers to truly withstand the elements.

Benefits of Viro™ and Rehau® Fibers: • Environmentally friendly Viro™ and Rehau® are non-toxic and recyclable, do not contain PVC, and are made from 100% high-density polyethylene

• Viro™ and Rehau® fibers are 100% outdoor suitable material due to their superior characteristics. • Tests are performed to ensure the fiber's durability, including an accelerating weathering test with exposure to direct sunlight and extreme variations in temperature. Viro™ and Rehau® Fiber will perform in minus - 94 degree Fahrenheit to plus + 176 degree Fahrenheit temperature conditions. • Antimicrobial quality, prohibiting fungus and mildew growth. • Permanent anti-static/anti-dust grade • Does not degrade by any common chemical (e.g. cleaning agent)

Warranty of Viro™ and Rehau® Fibers: 3 Years Open Air Lifestyles, LLC warrants that under normal use and proper care, our Viro™ and Rehau® fibers will be free from defects of cracking, peeling and breaking for 3 (three) years from time of delivery. The above warranty applies further following damage investigations and does not cover failure or damage caused by improper applications, and unreasonable, or abusive use. However, color pigmentation can affect the color consistency of Viro™ and Rehau® Raucord fibers, so there may be slight color variations between production batches. Such variations are unavoidable, but will exert the best efforts to ensure color consistency and keep the variations to an acceptable level.

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